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Being a Mastectomy Fitter


Being a Mastectomy Fitter

Losing one or both breasts can be difficult to cope with for some women (after all our breasts are viewed in our culture as definitions of sexuality and femininity), leaving some with a real sense of loss both in terms of shape and femininity.

A beautiful mastectomy bra can work wonders – allowing you to regain the natural shape of your breast or compensate for any missing breast tissue, with the simple yet discrete inclusion of pockets - specifically designed to easily and securely hold breast forms (breast prosthesis) in place.

Mastectomy lingerie is an integral part of the post-surgery recovery process. Further down the line pocketed swimwear and loungewear can also form an important part of a breast cancer survivor’s everyday life.

Whether your surgery was months or years ago, as a trained mastectomy fitter I can help you find lingerie that is comfortable, looks good, and feels sexy too. My mission is to help women feel great from the inside out and uplift them in every way! As a registered nurse, and now advanced bra fitter, I have experience and expertise in helping women select and fit correctly beautiful undergarments post mastectomy.

The sharpest tool I have to help a woman feel good about her body post-mastectomy is bra fitting. Today’s mastectomy bras are so gorgeous that any woman –post mastectomy, lumpectomy, or natural breast – would feel her very best wearing them, and no one will ever be able to tell that she’s wearing post-mastectomy lingerie.

Typically by appointment, I can help you with bra and breast forms selection and fitting during a personalized home visit consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or you can visit my consulting suite located in the picturesque Aske Estate business park located near Richmond, North Yorkshire.

The Fitting Experience

Initially your doctor may need to give you the go-ahead to be fitted for a mastectomy bra.

If you choose to come to my consulting suite for your fitting you should bring your breast form with you – if you have one – and one or two of your favourite tops. That way, you can make sure the bra you choose will work for you in what you’re used to wearing. You should expect to look good in anything you wear – within reason of the surgical site.

You can also bring a family member or friend for your appointment; the fitting room can be a very intimate space to share with a fitter you barely know, and it can help to have emotional support.

I will take measurement that will act as our template I may pick out several styles and let you try them on to check for weight, shape and fullness.

Professional fitting and the right lingerie can help a woman come to terms with her new post-mastectomy body. As a compassionate and competent mastectomy fitter my mission is for you to feel beautiful inside and out and be uplifted and confident in every way.

Visit to browse the beautiful mastectomy bras and breast forms in my collection.

I look forward to assisting you!

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