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The 2020 Lingerie Influence


The 2020 Lingerie Influence

Do you think that the colour of your lingerie represents your personality in any way?

Delicate powdery hues of pinks, blues and silver greys, as well as sensual black with a touch of seductive lace are the lingerie trends for spring/summer 2020 including sheer panels and delicate embroidery adding elegance and subtle sexiness to the new collection at Figure 8 Lingerie.

As I’ve been selecting and unpacking the new stock it has made me reflect on how far lingerie trends have come since the 1950s when the common colours were nude, black, white, or pink, and the cups cone shaped. As a mature fuller figured woman, I am excited not only to wear these beautiful bras and lingerie sets, but also to share them with my clients. The 2020 colour and fabrics trends are the epitome of femininity and come in a variety of colour hues to flatter skin tones and best of all help women elude confidence, feel beautiful from the inside out, and uplift our mood in every way.

Gone is the day when your bra shouldn’t be seen. As modern women we know how to use a lace bra as a fashion accessory, combine lingerie to give us that everyday comfort look or achieve a more sensual look depending on the occasion!

If I had to chose adjectives to describe the collection at Figure 8 Lingerie, they would be the following:

  • Feminine and seductive with a touch of lace and romance.
  • Modern enchantment with comfort.
  • Fresh fashionable companions.
  • Understated glamour with shiny hues affording trendy coolness.
  • Modern romance.
  • Delightfully delicate.
  • Luxurious and timeless.
  • Relaxed but elegant.

It will be difficult for any woman not to find a new favourite colour and style that doesn’t represent their personality in the new 2020 lingerie collections

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