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What would we be without a challenge?


I have always looked at life in the pink! These are unprecedented times. Globally we face our biggest challenge since post-war days.

I only just started and launched Figure 8 Lingerie in February. Just launched my beautiful website, just started my private consultations and bespoke bra fittings, just accepted invitations to attend breast-support network groups and schools to speak about the importance of breast health and correct bra fitting to our young ladies. Just started to be very excited about the planning and progression of my consultation suite….and then lock down!

Reflecting on the words I had to write and share “sorry services are being temporarily suspended”, I was scared and anxious. The following days have felt like riding on an emotional rollercoaster; but I’ve had to remind myself that unlike my Grandparents and Great grandparents who had bombs dropping all around them, we are fighting a different kind of war. I read that perhaps this is Mother Earth’s way of clawing back her property from mankind; after all we all take our world for granted and we are selfish in the ideations of what we must have, opposed to what we really need. We are being stripped back, locked down, slowed down, and being made to reflect and alter the way we have become accustomed to living.

Reflecting on what I am grateful for, the past few months have been amazing! I cannot thank you my new clients, new business friends and entrepreneurs who have assisted me and shared their knowledge and expertise. My family for believing in me and my dream and ambition. Your support and kindness have been incredible.

What would we be without experience and challenges? We wouldn’t grow; we wouldn’t know ‘self’ or understand what we are capable of. I’m learning how to maintain my new business, maintain its focus and business mission to support as many women who have endured breast surgery for whatever reason, support as many fuller figured women to find and wear comfortable and supportive lingerie; to help women find their identities, love their shape, love their breasts and ultimately love themselves starting from the inside out; to uplift you in every way; I’m learning how to take my new business virtual!

I’m learning to be virtual and adapting to ensure my support to you and continue Figure 8 Lingerie. Life is beautiful, no matter how challenging or how hard. I, as many small business owners and business virgins are certainly facing some demons. I’m not alone in these challenges, but as part of the rest of the world. We are coming together to fight this and crush this virus; we are staying home to ensure support to our NHS and front-line workers who are sacrificing so much to protect us, and I personally thank each and everyone of you.

We will beat this but, in the meantime, if you’re here reading this on my beautiful website, I thank you! Keep connected via the website, via my social media platforms, and even the good old phone. Please get involved in my updates, stories and or tips. Its good for our mental health as well as physical health to stay connected. Let’s ensure we uplift each other in every way!

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